In 2011 my husband was deployed, I was 22 years old, we had a 2-year-old daughter and I was very pregnant with our second baby. You could say I’ve always gone at a fast pace. I remember feeling so utterly alone, I used to not even be able to tell this story without welling up with tears. It was in that year that he was gone that I gave birth to our second baby (with no family around to help, and few friends) and that I also decided I was going to DO SOMETHING.. that something was starting a photography business. I remember the day I realized you could actually do that, start your own business with no formal training to speak of, just a camera + a wifi signal + a computer to edit on. I had been the yearbook photographer in high school and always been passionate about it, thankfully Nick has always been so supportive of my crazy and wild ideas. January 1st, 2012 I opened up for business (guys I’m slightly OCD and really wanted until the 1st to make things official).

Over 150+ weddings later, countless couples and families trusted me to document their milestones in life! It was enjoyable, exhausting, exhilarating and gave me #allthefeels. I started my business when we lived in San Diego, but in 2014 my husband was accepted into a program that would allow him to transition from being an enlisted sailor to an officer and a pilot. We knew that would mean 4 years of being unsettled. We moved to Washington D.C. and then to Colorado and then to Florida in a VERY short amount of time. For the first 3 years, I kept up with my business and flew out of state almost every weekend in the busy months to continue photographing weddings. I had the honor of traveling to Mexico, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Colorado, California of course, and countless other locations. It was fun, and tiring with 3 kids at home. I only chose to stop accepting clients once I realized I needed my weekends with my family back and to be able to support my husband while he went through the stress of becoming a Naval Aviator.

In a rash decision that I completely regret, I deleted almost all of my work from over the years to make way for this website, I was seeking clarity and it felt right at the time. Either way, I still have the terabytes of hard drives of photos from my client work and wanted to share a bit of it here.

I still work with my current clients on photography projects and keep my love alive with photographing my own family + friends who are kind enough to ask.