Magic Mondays: Our First Week at Disneyland

We are so excited to be back in Southern California for many reasons, near the top of the list? Disneyland. We are slightly (read: a lot) obsessed with the magical + happiest place on Earth. Each time we go, we learn a little bit more about how to make it a smooth and fun trip! So I’m starting a new series here, Magic Mondays! I’m going to share my favorite finds, places to eat, what’s new, and document our sweet little family’s visits!

Is it Packed?

I know we are cra-zy but the first day we grabbed our Annual Passes and headed off to Disneyland was Christmas Eve! Oh yes! My first tip when planning to drop in or a full-fledged trip? Check out and check the crowd calendars + the live crowd tracker!

The Weather

This one seems silly but it needs to be said, check the weather!! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve made it all the way to the park just to realize it’s going to be much colder than we thought! I have several Disneyland merch made for warmth (hello Jack Skellington blanket and a jacket) to prove it.

Cute sweatshirts are from Zara! Love their Mickey/Disney selection!

Charge + The App

Before you get to the park, charge up those cell phones + bring your spare charger, we are obsessed with this one and own multiple! Download the Disneyland App – it’s a must! So easy to check ride wait times, get directions, mobile order your quick food, or make reservations! We also use it for our tickets and entry to the parks!


When parking, we love the Mickey & Friends parking garage, we always get in the far left lanes because people don’t realize they are open and they go much quicker! Don’t bother upgrading your parking to the preferred, it’s so silly! It just means you get parking spaces a few hundred feet closer, not worth it! We feel like it’s much easier to get through security, the trams are bigger anddd it’s closer to the park entrance than the Toy Story Parking Area.

I have so much more I want to share about rides + food + and upcoming events at Disneyland but I’m saving them for our next Magic Monday post! If you found this post interesting or helpful, we’d love if you pinned our image or shared on social!


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