Magic Mondays: Carnation Cafe Review and Valentine’s

It’s just another Magic Mondayyyyyyy! I’m 2 for 2 with this series and feeling pretty darn good about it! The Get Your Ears On Celebration at Disneyland is in full swing, and they recently brought out Valentine’s decorations! It’s the actual cutest. Somewhere along the line (no clue where) I fell in love with ALL things holidays, even the cheesiest one of them all. Give me all the sweets, treats, red and pink themed fun. I’m here. for. it. Today I’m sharing a few reviews of some of our favorite food stops at Disneyland and California Adventure!

Uhm hi Addison, you’re adorable! She wanted a picture in front of the hearts and before I could say a word, had posed blowing a kiss 🤣 Kids are awesome!

Carnation Cafe: 9/10

Carnation Cafe is inside Disneyland, on Main Street! Every time we’ve tried to dine, they’ve been full up! We finally made a reservation in advance with the app and I’m so glad we did! (Pro tip: Look at the parade times and try to snag a seat outside during the parade, you have a seated view, no fighting the crowd!) I knocked off a rating because it truly is a bummer if you are a SoCal resident going to Disneyland on a whim, it’s rare that you’d actually get to dine here unless you planned ahead!

The Fried Pickles: 10/10

These were delicious!! Highly recommend and a great price, especially if you are an Annual Passholder and receive that dining discount!

Cherry Malt: 7/10

My daughter LOVED it, I wasn’t super impressed, I couldn’t taste the cherry. They did give us extra though, it was huge! We had to ask for a to-go cup!

Celebration Mickey Chicken and Waffles: 9/10

The presentation was amazing! My photo doesn’t do it justice!! The sauce was SPI-CY! I like spicy and it was a little too much for me, I could barely finish and my mouth is watering just typing this. My daughter gave it a try and immediately had to have water. The waiter did warn us, but I’d have loved to have it slightly less spicy so you could enjoy it!

We went on a few rides we hadn’t done yet! The first photo below is of Arendelle on the Storybook Land Canal Boats ride, super cute! Next up, we had only ever been to Disneyland during the holidays in years past, I actually had no clue that the Haunted Mansion wasn’t a Nightmare Before Christmas ride all year long! Now I understand why it’s closed for a few weeks after Christmas to transition it back to the “normal” Haunted Mansion. The ride was still fun, we both missed the Jack decor though.

Addison was beyond excited to try the Purple Glove Macaron from Jolly Holiday Bakery and it had to be one of our FAVORITE macaron’s in the whole park! It’s not too sweet, the filling was a blackberry and buttercream, it was YUM! I highly recommend it!! The Raspberry Rose Macaron is a little tart for our liking, but if you love raspberries, you’ll like it! These pictures aren’t great because it was nighttime but ya get the picture, so cute!

They are celebrating the Lunar New Year at California Adventure for a few weeks, I love the decorations and food experiences!!

Last but not least, our favorite quick eat in DCA! Angry Dogs! They have regular and spicy hot dogs, and an assortment of topping choices. This would be where my husband grabs food every time if we let him! He loves their Angry Dog + Spicy Ketchup.

Until next week! I hope you found this helpful if you are thinking about visiting!!


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