Kitchen Progress Reveal and Details!

When we started looking at houses last July from afar our realtor was shocked we’d choose a house sight unseen from California all the way in Florida. To be honest, I’m the type of person that doesn’t have a hard time making choices usually, I know what I want (except when it comes to dinner and/or eating out, haha!) Nick and I both knew this house was the one! It was new construction still in the process of being built, but it was “too far in the process” for us to make any design choices (bummer) so we knew we’d be making swaps and updates when we got here!


We loved the quartz and the white cabinets, the window over the sink, the size!!! But those fixtures had to go! I had our new pendants ordered and shipped the week before we closed because I was so darn excited to finally get to make choices in a house!! This is our FIRST home.. it’s still surreal!


We have a long a list of things we are still planning on doing to the kitchen.. adding sconces above the window, trimming it out like we’ve done other windows, adding tile to the ceiling, we have a lot of ideas and not as much time, so we will see how long it takes us.


Brass 6″ Bin Pulls HERE

Brass Cabinet Knobs HERE


Lighting Pendants (mine are 16″ – our island is only 6′ if it was bigger I’d have gone with the larger size!) HERE

Kitchen Faucet HERE

Glass Lid Cake Stand HERE


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