House Update!

Buying a house is NOT for the faint of heart, this process has been so taxing!! But also, so exciting and rewarding. The pieces have truly fallen together for our big move back to Florida, we were as surprised as most when we got the news! That’s how it goes with PCS military moves though. I’ve been so quiet online all summer just treading and trying to keep our heads above water, I keep telling myself I just have to make it to the move!! This will be our EIGHTH PCS move during Nick’s 12 years in the Navy, major moves have included Jax -> San Diego, San Diego -> Maryland, Maryland -> Denver, Denver -> Pensacola, Pensacola -> San Diego, and now as if full circle, we’ll be going back to Jax, this time hell-bent on settling in. Buying a house is the upside, Nick deploying soon after is big big downside, but that would happen whether we moved or not, so we are facing it head-on!

If you know me, you know the SECOND we found out we could buy a house, my head was spinning with ideas of projects and design details I’d want in our new house, plenty to keep me busy on those nights when the kids are sleeping and Nick is gone. I tease him that he’ll be coming home to a different house than the one he left because of all the projects I have planned.

I want to document everything here on my blog, so buckle up!

Starting with pictures of the build progress!! We love getting to see (from afar) how the house is coming together, who knew our first house we’d buy sight unseen… thankfully we have friends we truly trust who looked at the neighborhood and home for us. They also recommended an amazing realtor and I feel like that is so clutch!!

First up, it’s WHITE (and off-white) which is a total dream of mine, and those porches!! Can’t you just picture ALL the holiday decor?! I’m so ready! I love that it has a charcoal/black roof and the same charcoal/black pavers for the driveway. I’ve always wanted a white and black house 😱

Okay my realtor definitely thinks I’m insane because I may or may not have already mentioned that we’ll be painting the island, we came into the picture too late to have much of a say in the finishes, but we loved most of what they chose for this home! Except for the beige island, nope, no beige anything in my house LOL I’m thinking a slate grey/blue.. I’m going to be a painting expert by the time I’m through. I already have the new cabinet pulls and handles picked out from Rejuvenation and they are dreammmmy.

This living room SOLD us!! Natural light, super high ceilings, and a fireplace, yes, yes, yes! I want to shiplap the fireplace, still thinking about it, and do built-ins on either side, my husband is in purely for all the power tools he plans on accumulating LOL Our current marital argument is whether or not the TV will go above the fireplace (him) or to the right of it (me).

One side of the master bath, HELLO counter space, and drawers and storage, oh my! Something that currently does not exist in our rental. And yup, you guessed it, these are getting painted! Still figuring it out but I LOVE that they are shaker style cabinets already with pretty white counters.

That’s all I have for now, I stalk my email and phone daily for the semi-weekly update I randomly get from either the realtor or the builder. They’re probably thanking their lucky stars I don’t live local during this build because I know I’d be there every day possible LOL


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  • What a beautiful home! I can’t wait to see it when you’re all moved in! I know it will be decorated incredibly well! I’m so happy for you and your family Brianna! So proud of the amazing young woman you are! And the porches! Absolutely perfect for evenings with a glass of wine and a nice breeze, and being decked out for the holidays. Your family has really gotten some wonderful opportunities to see and live in many different places, it must be incredible for your children! The memories you all have made and continue to make are priceless. Enjoy and live life to its fullest!