Harry Potter Birthday Dinner Party

Hosting a Harry Potter dinner party can be a magical experience for any fan of the wizarding world. To really make it feel like the wizarding world, we incorporated iconic elements like golden snitches, a sorting hat, chocolate frogs, floating candles, and daily prophet pages. View the REEL of me setting this up! I planned and executed in less than 24 hours using mostly items we already had.

We served chocolate frogs (I used a chocolate frog mold from Amazon), golden snitches, cake, and butterbeer!

Decorations are also key to creating the perfect Harry Potter ambiance. Hang up some daily prophet pages around the room and use floating candles to give the illusion of a Hogwarts-style Great Hall. I picked up the interactive sorting hat and the marauders map as items that would be nice to decorate with but also keepsakes for Hunter afterwards!

We absolutely love this Harry Potter game – we play as a family all the time!!

This was truly a memorable birthday for Hunter and I love that he was so excited to see the surprise all set up!! Shop sources here!


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