Festive Holiday Halloween Cake Batter Cookies

White chocolate, m&ms, sprinkles, these are SO SO good!!! We love these easy to bake cake batter cookies!! They are delicious!!! We usually make them around holidays and just switch up the color/theme of sprinkles and m&ms!!! We’ve made them for every holiday this year!!

You have to give them a try! I recommend grabbing 2 bags of the themed m&m’s when you find them near the start of a holiday season because they tend to sell out. It’s also best to use sprinkles without the sugar balls in the mix, those don’t melt well! The candy eye though? Just fine! I find my seasonal m&ms at Target. Linking you right here to Halloween themed ones so you can see if your local store still has them!! You can usually find great sprinkles there as well! These were the sprinkles but they look to be out of stock.

The recipe I use is from one of my all-time favorite bakers, so head over now! But be sure to look around once you get there, I’ve tried so so many of her dessert recipes and they’re all good!!

If you do make these, tag me so I can see!! I love finding new inspiration for meals and baking online, what on earth did our mother’s do without food bloggers!


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