DIY Garbage Hide Fence Surround

We needed a garbage surround for our house in a big way.. it looked terrible before!! We couldn’t keep our bins in the garage because we use it so often as a workshop.. and they stink sometimes!! This is for sure a 2 weekend project, unless you don’t have kids soccer games and lots of other distractions like we do, then maybe you could pull it off in a weekend lol! Except the new mulch/planting took 2 days alone, so ultimately it was a 3 weekend project for us!! No regrets though, we smile every time we see it!!

Before and After

Totally blown away by the difference the surround made!! We painted it the same color as the house and added landscaping to help it blend in more. We are so happy with how it turned out!!

The boys started by measuring where the posts would go so that they’d be evenly spaced, and used a post digger to clear away the dirt, they went about 8″ down. We wanted to cement at least 6-8″ of post.

Once the posts were in, adding the horizontal boards went fast. Until we realized we wanted a cleaner edge and decided to take them off to add trim. You can never have enough clamps!

We had a heated debate about the hinges (see below) but ultimately Nick was able to hide them and it turned out great!

Below is what the boards looked like before we added the 1″ trim piece.

Paint took it to the next level. We covered most of the plants and anywhere that might get overspray and used the paint sprayer to paint the boards the same color as the house. An off white, how great does it look?

My plant helper!

Here is what it looked like before we added the new landscaping!

After Adding Landscaping


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